Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 52 Crawfordville, FL Rest Day

Bikers Celebrate Easter

Happy Easter! Eight of us celebrated Easter Sunday at Crawfordville United Methodist Church this morning. Two ladies chauffeured us and welcomed us in so many ways. We stayed for the potluck brunch. It was a nice service and we appreciated their hospitality...but I missed Broad Street greatly. I sat at the pool for a while this afternoon and relaxed all day.

On this Easter Sunday, I will mention, in no particular order, just a few of the acts of kindness that have made this ride so wonderful.

Don and Corliss who offered me water and encouragement on the ride to Globe, AZ
Jay at Gila Hike and Bike who corrected my pedal problem
Encouraging emails from friends
Fiona and Kathy Tex who have helped with dishes every night
Phone calls from Dan every evening
The man in the pick-up truck who helped me assemble the bike rack
Greta offering me her phone when I was getting roaming charges
The man at the Mississippi River who gave us water
Jack Jeter and John Feagin meeting us in the Texas Hills
My wonderful roommate Katherine who thought we could do this and led me along
All of you who have read this blog

I am so grateful for all of this and so much more!


  1. I am grateful that you have let me share this experience. Reading the words (and between the lines) has helped me understand what you are seeing and feeling.

  2. Think about you every day -- especially this Easter. What a tremendous outpouring of love to all of you from members of Crawfordsville UMC. Hope you were able to sing the "Hallelujah Chorus."

  3. Can't believe your saga is just days away from being completed! Figured Easter would be your rest day for the week - wonderful you were able to attend services. You all look so fit, relaxed and glowing in your jerseys!